Welcome to Two for Tuesday.

One of the big issues that cause your affluent clients to lose sleep is the fear of having to spend down their grandchildren's inheritance.

Asset-based long-term care is a 21st-century cure for their insomnia.

In this on-demand installment, Jeff Sather and Dustin Carlson discuss strategies for handling the pending LTC payroll taxes and uninsurable ABLTC cases. Simply submit the form on this page to gain instant access.

"Two for Tuesday" happens on the second Tuesday of every month. Our own Jeff Sather will host a 45-minute topical deep dive into the ABLTC world. (Each month will also include a unique special guest)

Take a rare peek into the success of Jeff Sather with InsurMark

  • The goal each month is to take away 3 important things
  • Clearly defined concepts
  • Uncover more clients for this imperative discussion
  • Learn unique strategies and solutions for implementation
  • January’s topic is “How to utilize Qualified money to fund an ABLTC policy” with Special Guest – Jeremy Veryser, Regional Account Director at One America
  • Discover the client profiles for this solution – who needs this?
  • You will learn the tools that make it function
  • Understand the tax implications for this holistic retirement planning strategy

Meet Jeff Sather:

Jeff Sather has been nick named "The Most Successful Marketer of Hybrid LTCi."

He is on a crusade to get people this crucial retirement coverage!

  • He served 2 years on the External Advisory Board for One America
  • Jeff was a key catalyst for Nationwide designing a qualified funding approach for their CareMatters II product
  • Jeff has guided hundreds of Advisors & Agents across the country to write over $100,000,000 in Asset-Based LTCi in 5 years
  • He has a proven track record for closing cases at a very high level
  • He personally sold over $800,000 in 4 hours over ZOOM to help multiple clients beat the Washington State LTC tax deadline
  • He has created a system for culling clients and prospects to ask about LTCi planning
  • Jeff is passionate to reveal all the secrets to his success; including the strategies, marketing tools and sales presentation he employs to create this incredibly consistent production!

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