"The Ultimate Roth IRA Conversion Biz Builder is a real game changer!"

Roth IRA Conversions are one of the last remaining tax strategies for retirees. And rising taxes are a big problem for affluent families. That’s a perfect storm for you!

We’ve simplified the process for you to attract new Roth Conversion assets. Now we’ll bring you the technical insight for you to handle your case design.

Wednesday March 3 at 3pm CT, Tom Duncan, Senior Direct of the Advanced Consulting Group at Nationwide will share key strategies and tactics around Roth IRA Conversion Case Design Best Practices.

In 20 minutes (or more) he’ll cover.

  • Biden’s Tax Plan overview – how it is bringing Roth Conversions to the forefront of planning conversations.
  • Roth Best practices, tactics, and tax tips
  • Illustrations using Curt & Connie Conversion

We’ll also share the digital marketing and illustration platform you need for rapid success.

Show me how to design and model better Roth IRA Conversions.

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