It’s hard enough for people to make rational financial decisions during great times, and it’s nearly impossible to do so during times of crisis. Prospects and clients need to hear from you and know you’re in their corner. Right now.

Insurmark invites you to join this special webinar.

Yes, we’ll talk about marketing.

And of course, we’ll talk about the huge opportunity to wow your clients and gather assets during volatility.

But…underpinning ALL of this is the fact that the work you do is vitally important for the people you seek to serve.

Let’s talk about how to do better.

We’re excited to announce that Robert Sofia, CEO of Snappy Kraken, will share practical strategies for reaching prospects RIGHT NOW.


  • Insights & Templates
    Anyone who has any assets is asking themselves the same question right now. Financial advisers are uniquely positioned to answer this, but few do. Find out how you can market DIRECTLY to this question.

  • Word-for-Word Slides
    See 4 slides that were used during the financial crisis in 2007 that helped a small firm gather almost 200 million in new assets. Find out how (and where) to use these slides.

  • Open Loop Psychology
    Use this simple tweak in your marketing to motivate prospects to go from cold or lukewarm to hot very quickly. Don't miss this.

  • Volatile Times Referral Script
    This script is designed for volatile times. Not only will your clients appreciate hearing this from you right now, but it will motivate them to send people they care about directly to you.

Drive more growth today, join us!
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