Mass Affluent Families Are Re-thinking Retirement in a COVID-19 world:

And they want to talk about protected lifetime income

According to the Alliance for Lifetime Income (ALI), a recent survey of more affluent retirement savers revealed that 20% of respondents plan to retire later than originally planned—due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, less than one in four people with a financial professional say they’ve been offered a new product or service by their advisor since the onset of COVID-19.

Fears of financial insecurity have risen due to the pandemic. Today, more consumers want guaranteed income to ensure their basic needs are covered when they retire.

There’s a better way to have a conversation about annuities!

We’ll explain how in our upcoming webinar on January, 19, 2021 at 11am CT.
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Advisors are missing out on opportunities
to talk with clients who WANT to talk about protected income

According to research by the Alliance for Lifetime Income there is a BIG perception gap between what advisors presume and what consumers actually want when it comes to protected lifetime income:

  • PERCEPTION: 14% of financial professionals believe clients are highly interested in protected lifetime income.
  • REALITY: 42% of consumers say they ARE highly interested in or already own a protected lifetime income product.
  • FACT: 80% of pre-retirees DON’T have a financial plan for retirement.

If annuities are such a good idea, why is it so hard to have those conversations?

It’s time to re-think the annuity conversation …

Words matter: The science behind protected income “speak”

During the upcoming webinar, Alliance for Lifetime Income Senior Education Expert Mike Harris will discuss how to set the stage for more fruitful conversations with clients about planned and protected income.

Based on ALI’s research, they discovered that words DO matter when talking about income planning. Those words are tied to values and emotions—words like safe, secure, optimistic, responsible, proud.

Those same words also resonate with the majority of consumers planning for retirement—most of whom envision the same path toward retirement. Mike will explain how you can put those words to work for you and share free tools and resources to help your clients take the next step.

Top three takeaways you can expect from this powerful webinar

  1. How an income plan can help clients approaching or already in retirement understand the value of protected income and where it fits within their plans;
  2. What free resources are available to you to start or drive conversations about income products and services; and
  3. The values and emotions that drive consumers decision-making and how to engage with them to deepen and enhance the conversation around income planning.

To reserve your seat, fill out the form at right. We hope you’ll join us!

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Jeff Maxey

Executive Vice President, General Manager


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