We’ve all experienced digital transformation, and the annuity business is no different. But we believe the human touch is more important than ever.

Clara is our industry-first, digital annuity platform for wealth managers. Clara offers advisors a single platform to find annuity analytics and compliance-friendly order entry with live carrier data feeds for your existing policies.

But more importantly, the platform remains human-centric. Specifically, we integrated our Advisor Development Consultants into the platform, which offers a personal touch for financial advisors regarding product education, analysis, and addressing high-value opportunities.

Clara gives wealth management enterprises ‘large firm’ infrastructure and access to proprietary products, research, and technology that helps support their annuity business. In addition, the InsurMark people and technology enable financial advisors to become more productive while allowing the wealth management teams to deliver better outcomes for their clients.

Wealth management and annuities work well together. Clara empowers fiduciaries with the product shelf to satisfy a client’s best interests. And Clara supports those recommendations with analytics and customized compliance-friendly workflows, Reg BI, and 1035 exchange comparisons. In addition, Clara is powered by data from industry leaders like CANNEX, Morningstar, and The Index Standard.”

InsurMark is excited to partner with wealth management firms to provide their financial advisors with the people and tools they need to streamline their businesses and help clients realize better retirement outcomes.

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